Graduated from Dokkyo University Faculty of Foreign Studies,Departement of French in 2010.

Job hunting didn't work and I told my parents that I wanted to be a nail technician.

My parents strongry opposed it and they said to me


"What do you think we have paid for hight college tuition?And then you want to go another school to became nail technician?


Please ! Get a job!"

At this time I rebelled against my parents for the first time.

"I don't have the image of working as an office worker"


But I thought it was exactly what my parents said.

Because I remember that my parents worked a lot to pay for my college tuition.

Besides,my father was blamed by his real brother about my college tuition,"Do you have a power to pay your dauter's college tuition?"


Finally I could get my job,Kanebo Cosmetics Sales Co.Ltd Tokyo Branch.


The parents were proud of their dauter working for a well-known company.

But their dauter betrays it...


2020.1 Start working at a SPA in Paris

2019.9 To quit a job

2018-2019 Japanese restaurant in Paris Manager

2017 Get a work visa at a Japanese restaurant in Paris

2016-2017 Travel to France with a working holiday visa

2015  Nail Salon Chief manager



Diary in PARIS